My music.

All the tracks have been created with Midge and Timidity

Sporto Criminalo

Composed at the age of 16.

Shymanovsky anthem

Dedicated to 850-th anniversary of myself. First performance is scheduled for 24 Nov 2812

Music track for the movie "The Host"

Watch the movie here or read "The Host" story in the section below Music

The fight over Tasmania

Believe or not, this was composed by my parrot. I only adjusted a little and recorded.

The guest from underground

Prelude and fugue for machine gun and orchestra.

Sunrise over Trapan Bair on 06-16-1979

Dedicated to known events of 16 JUN 1979

Sad seagull

Very sad and lone bird.

Paris - Dakar

Car race in arabic style

Menuet #3 in D minir

Sarabande #1 in A minor

Polonaise #1 in A minor

Mr. Colonel

At the gates of eternity

(c) 2016. Funny thing happened. One day a stranger in black knocked my door. He asked to compose a requiem and gave me $500. Then he had gone forever and had never returned for his order. Finally I decided to publish it on my page. I have read about something like that, but don't remember exactly what was the point.


Шимановский Shymanovsky Szymanowski mp3 музыка music muzyka скачать download

Some my fiction stories in mystic style. Translated from Russian by Glen Evans (Australia)

The Host.

Azure, The Submarine.

The Well at the Edge of the Forest.

Other stories in Russian.
Adventures, mystery, action, humor. Don't forget to take a look at

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Disabling touch bar on Toshiba laptop
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