The Putinmeter of Yuri Shymanovsky

Here I'm bringing to your attention so called "Putinmeter" or "Putinomer". This is an automatic system to calculate media rating of Vladimir Putin, based on,, sites. How does Putinmeter count the Putin's rating? That's very simple. He just count, how many times word "Putin" appears on the main page of the site. It does not matter, weither they say good or bad news. Everybody knows that black advertising is still advertising. Then he calculates a full rating as a sum of three found ones. The statistics has been collected since 12/12/2012 and stored in this table:

The Rating Table

Following is graphical representation of the Putin's rating in the last 2 weeks. The average two-weeks rating is shown as a number in the center of the picture. Rating above 10 must be considered high.

The code to insert Putinmeter into your blog

Here is a rating since December 2012

Rating by sites

The Putinmeter has his own blog, and sends weekly summary to USENET groups, like relcom.comp.binaries, alt.binaries.osinga, alt.binaries.pipe and others.

Minor Putinmeter. Today's rating only

The code to use

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